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View of Japanese armour in the Prince Takamado Gallery of Japan, April 2006
Creator: Brian Boyle
Date of Image: April 2006
ROM Links: Prince Takamado Gallery of Japan
Museum ID Number: ROM2006_7165_5
Image Number: ROM2006_7165_5

Located near the main entrance of the Museum’s 1914 building, the Prince Takamado Gallery of Japan displays many of the ROM’s Japanese objects, including porcelain, religious sculpture, tea ceremony objects, prints, paintings and lacquer. Here, two exquisite examples of armour from the Edo period (1603-1868) are prominently displayed. During two-and-a-half centuries of peace in the Edo period, the visual appearance of armour was considered more significant than its utility. High-ranking samurai often commissioned armour reflecting either the flamboyant and majestic styles of the 13th to 15th centuries or the more practical style prevalent during the 16th century.

The gallery includes more than 600 objects drawn from the largest collection of Japanese art in Canada. It has been named in memory of Prince Takamado (1954 - 2002), who studied at Queen’s University in Canada and was known in his native Japan as "Canada’s Prince". Through his work at the Japan Foundation, he travelled extensively, becoming one of the most visible and active ambassadors for Japanese art and culture around the world. The gallery celebrates his attachment to Canada and creates a lasting link between the two countries.

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