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View of the Luohan sculpture, Matthews Family Court of Chinese Sculpture, April 2006
Creator: Brian Boyle
Date of Image: April 2006
ROM Links: Matthews Family Court of Chinese Sculpture
Museum ID Number: ROM2006_7147_4
Image Number: ROM2006_7147_4

Visitors stop to learn more about the 11th century Chinese Luohan figure situated in the Matthews Family Court of Chinese Sculpture. A Luohan (Arhat in Sanskrit) is a holy monk striving to attain Buddhahood through meditation. In Chinese temples, Luohans are usually found in groups of 16 or 18. This particular clay sculpture comes from a famous group discovered in a cave near Yixian in 1912. At least seven of this group have been preserved in various museums in Europe and North America.

The Matthews Family Court of Chinese Sculpture displays almost 2,000 years of Chinese history, and brings together a broad range of Chinese art, including large sculptures in stone, bronze, iron, ceramic, and wood. The gallery also features smaller objects exploring the stylistic development of Buddhist sculptures, deities in Chinese religion, and the development of Judaism, Islam and Christianity in China from the 3rd to 19th centuries AD. The gallery is named after the Matthews Family, in recognition of a generous gift from Judy and Wilmot Matthews.

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