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View of the Gallery of Korea, April 2006
Creator: Brian Boyle
Date of Image: April 2006
ROM Links: Gallery of Korea
Museum ID Number: ROM2006_7147_16
Image Number: ROM2006_7147_16

Visitors stop to admire the large 19th century Joseon dynasty wardrobe in the Gallery of Korea. The only permanent gallery of Korean art in Canada, this space brings to life the history and culture of Korea through a fine selection of approximately 260 objects. Examples of ceramics, furniture, metalwork, printing technology, painting and decorative arts, dating from the 3rd to 20th centuries AD, demonstrate the nation’s many artistic, scientific and technological accomplishments.

Korean art spans 8,000 years, and the country is one of the oldest cultures in the world. A “land embroidered with rivers and mountains”, the peninsula of Korea is home to people who honour ancestry, family and tradition. It serves a vital Asian crossroads for the ongoing exchange of ideas with neighboring China and Japan. This land and people have created an art marked by refined simplicity and the pursuit of harmony between human and natural forms.

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