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Samuel Hall crown Currelly Gallery — View of seating area
Creator: Brian Boyle
Date of Image: February 2006
Other Media: Director's Choice: Podcast
ROM Links: Samuel HallcrownCurrelly Gallery
Museum ID Number: ROM2006_6220_14
Image Number: ROM2006_6220_14

The Samuel HallcrownCurrelly Gallery was built in 1933 during the Museum’s first expansion. In its early years, it was known as the Arms and Armour court. Many upgrades and modifications have since changed the gallery. Now modelled after an elegant 1930s grand hotel lobby, it serves as a visitor’s orientation space to the Museum and our collections. Some of the Museum’s most popular objects, such as dinosaurs, are featured around the gallery’s perimeter. Four murals by Sylvia Hahn are located on the east and west walls; two of these have recently been uncovered.

A new feature is an interactive digital exhibition entitled ROM Museum Builders, exploring the important role and impact of the many people who have shaped the Museum, including Charles T. Currelly and the Samuel family of Toronto, for whom the gallery is named.

The northern archways of the Samuel HallcrownCurrelly Gallery will eventually be opened, connecting to the Hyacinth Gloria Chen Crystal Court in the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal.

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