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Taoshou (tile cap for corner beam); K:ImageBankFar EasternObjectsChina_CERAMIC922.10.1_3.jpg
Moulded earthenware with glaze
Centimetres: 23.6 (length), 18.7 (height), 18.9 (width)
1736 - 1795 AD
Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Period
Area of Origin: Beijing, China
Area of Use: Beijing; Hebei; China; Asia
Gallery of Chinese Architecture
The George Crofts Collection

Description: This tile comes from the Old Summer Palace near Beijing, which was destroyed in 1860. (Its identical counterpart can be seen at the corner of the Qing Palace in this gallery.) The tile bears two stamps: Zheng huang se (Authorized yellow), and Tianzi guan (Pavilion with a plan in the shape of the character tian.

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