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A conservator, at work treating the wall mural Paradise of Maitreya, October 2005
Creator: Brian Boyle
Date of Image: October 2005
Object Name: The Paradise of Maitreya wall-painting (933.6.1)
ROM Links: Conservation
Museum ID Number: ROM2005_5667_1
Image Number: ROM2005_5667_1

ROM Conservator, Ewa Dziadowiec carefully treats The Paradise of Maitreya - a rare late 14th century Buddhist Temple wall mural from Shanxi Province, China. Maitreya, the Buddha of the future, symbolizes the hope for spiritual redemption. Here he is depicted delivering a sermon in the company of Bodhisattva's and disciples.

A team of four conservators cleaned the mural’s 6 x 12 metre surface by removing later additions to the original paint and replacing insecure fills along the joints of the panels of the painting. Areas previously reconstructed were repainted so that original details are distinguishable from the later in-painting.

The largest of the ROM’s three late 14th century Chinese temple paintings, The Paradise of Maitreya is among the world’s best preserved examples of such wall paintings. It is on permanent display in the Bishop White Gallery of Chinese Temple Art.

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