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Figure of a luohan
Moulded earthenware with glaze
Centimetres: 126.5 (height), 101 (width), 91 (depth)
11th century AD
Liao - Jin dynasty
Area of Origin: Reportedly from Yi Xian, Hebei province, China
Area of Use: Yi Xian ?; Hebei ?; China; Asia
Matthews Family Court of Chinese Sculpture
Gift of Mrs. H.D. Warren

Description: A Luohan (Arhat in Sanskrit) is a holy monk striving to attain Buddhahood through meditation. In Chinese temples, Luohans are usually found in groups of 16 or 18. This particular clay sculpture comes from a famous group discovered in a cave near Yixian in 1912. At least seven of this group are now kept in various museums in Europe and North America.

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