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Figural head of a Bodhisattva
Carved plaster (stucco)
Centimetres: 74 (height), 51 (width), 47 (depth)
4th - 5th century AD
Kushan Period
Area of Origin: Possibly Taxila, Gandhara, Pakistan
Area of Use: Pakistan; Asia
Sir Christopher Ondaatje South Asian Gallery
Gift of Dr. C. T. Currelly

Description: The tradition of stucco sculpure, much of which was originally painted, comes from the region of Hadda and Taxila in what is now Afghanistan and Pakistan. This monumental head is rare in scale and preservation and is contemporarneous with the large Buddha statues that once stood in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. Based on the size of the head, the original figure likely stood six metres tall. The symmetrical features, delicate curls, and serene expression were meant to inspire awe in devotees as they gazed up at the figure. So struck with its beauty, the first director of the museum, Dr. Charles T. Currelly gifted the piece in memory of his mother.

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