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Snow Goggles, Old Bering Sea
Carved and incised ivory
Centimetres: 13 (length), 4.6 (height), 3.5 (depth)
Area of Origin: Found between Point Barrow and Cape Smythe, Alaska, United States

Description: Snow goggles were used in springtime to prevent sunlight from causing painful inflammation of the retina. This set of snow goggles shows the graceful, curvilinear style of the Old Bering Sea culture (AD 300-500) of Alaska. The concentric circles may represent eyes; the designs suggest animal imagery and may serve as visual manifestations of oral history.

Other Media: 3D image of snow goggles

Publications: Wardwell, Allen. 1986. "Ancient Eskimo Ivories of the Bering Strait." New York: American Federation of Arts

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