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Bi-coloured tourmaline
Scientific Name: Elbaite
Variety: Bi-coloured
Object Type: Gem
Chemistry Type: Tourmaline group
Dimensions: Millimetres: 28 x 21 x 10; 63 carats; cabochon cut
Museum ID Number: M28156
Image Number: ROM2004_929_2

Description: Tourmalines are found in many colours and often more than one colour can be present in one crystal. The variation in colour reflects changes in the availability of elements to the crystal as it grew. Most tourmaline gemstones are of the species elbaite, named after the Italian island of Elba.

This bi-coloured stone may have been cut from a crystal with a pink core and green rind, which is aptly called 'watermelon' tourmaline.

Object History: Purchased from H. Caesar; accessioned in 1968

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