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Masked Ball, Masks—The Many Faces of Man, ROM, 1959
Creator: Leigh Warren
Date of Image: 21582
Period of Image: 1950s
People: H.M. Turner, Mrs. Nathan Phillips
Museum ID Number: ROM2004_1306_4
Image Number: ROM2004_1306_4

A pastime of kings and nobleman, masked balls have also graced the halls of the Royal Ontario Museum. Pictured here, the soirée held in February 1959 opened the exhibition Masks—The Many Faces of Man. A number of guest designed their own fanciful facewear for the occasion, embracing the themes of transformation, ritual, concealment, protection, and decoration that were also illustrated in the catalogue—elegantly designed by Frank Newfeld—accompanying the show.

Mrs. Nathan Phillips, wife of Toronto's mayor, is greeted by the ROM's Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Harold Melvin Turner, in fantastic headgear, and Mrs. H. M. Turner, in butterfly mask.

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