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Charles Trick Curelly on expedition in Egypt, 1903-4?
Creator: Unknown
Date of Image: 1906
Period of Image: 1900s
People: Charles Trick Currelly
Museum ID Number: ROM2004_1306_1
Image Number: ROM2004_1306_1

Charles Trick Currelly was born at Exeter, Ontario, on January 11, 1876, and died at Baltimore, Maryland, on April 17, 1957. He was educated at Victoria College, University of Toronto. Although originally trained as a Methodist minister, during the years following graduation Currelly devoted himself to archaeological work, first in Egypt, and later in Crete and Asia Minor. He was appointed Director of the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology in 1912 and held this position until his retirement in 1946. Shortly before his death he published his autobiography, I Brought the Ages Home (1956).

In 1902, while in London conducting research at The British Museum, Currelly met William Matthew Flinders Petrie, considered the father of Egyptian archaeology. As a result of the meeting, Currelly became a member of the staff of the Egypt Exploration Fund (now Egypt Exploration Society) which was conducting excavations at Abydos in Upper Egypt.

This is the only picture known of Currelly in the field.

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