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Figurine of female
Earthenware; painted
Centimetres: 10.7 (height), 4.1 (depth), 5.8 (width)
4000-3000 BC
Chalcolithic Era; Halaf Phase; circa 5th to 4th millennium BC
Area of Origin: Northern Mesopotamia; Syria/Iraq; Halaf(?); Mesopotamia
Area of Use: Halaf(?); Northern Syria(?); Northern Mesopotamia(?)
Gift of 3824683 Canada Limited. Certified by the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board under the terms of the Cultural Property Export and Import Act. Attestée par la Commission canadienne d'examen des exportations de biens culturels en vertu de la Loi sur l'exportation et l'importation de biens culturels.

Description: Figures of this kind span 5000 years of human history. While the individual style of the artists differed, these figures tend to exaggerate physical attributes associated with child bearing: breasts, hips, and the pubic area. Roundness in the figure symbolized fertility, but we are not certain whether these figures represent mother goddesses or real mothers. Here the clay modelling is limited to the hips, arms, breasts and a largely featureless head. The details of the face, jewellery and body adornment are depicted through the medium of paint.

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