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Coffin and mummy of the lady Djedmaatesankh
Mummified human with cartonnage (moulded linen and plaster), painted
Centimetres: 134.7 (height), 38.1 (width), 27.9 (depth)
945-715 BC
22nd Dynasty, 3rd Intermediate Period
Area of Origin: Deir el-Bahri, Egypt
Area of Use: Deir el-Bahri; Egypt; Africa
Collected by Dr. C.T. Currelly
Galleries of Africa: Egypt

Description: This coffin of a lady named Djedmaatesankh is typical of the 22nd Dynasty. It features visual references to the Book of Caverns, emphasizing the protection and re-birth of the deceased through the protective image of the ram-headed falcon. The deceased is also shown presented to the god Osiris, an initiation into the Afterlife. The body remains inside the cartonnage casing. It was subjected to a full-body CT-scan in 1994 which revealed a massive infection of a dental cyst in her upper left jaw that had probably burst and poisoned her, most likely the cause of death.

Object History: Collected by Dr. C.T. Currelly

Exhibit History: Galleries of Africa: Egypt (ROM), 1992-.

Publications: Millet, Nicholas B. (1972) "An Old Mortality", Rotunda 5, No. 2, pp. 18-27. Bulletin of the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology, Egyptian Mummies (1950) fig. 10. Egyptian Mummies, Royal Ontario Museum, University of Toronto Press, 1950.

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