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Plastic Vase (hand-modelled ceramic), circa 590-580 BC
Ceramic; hand-modelled
Centimetres: 29.4 (height), 7.7 (diameter)
circa 590-580 BC
Greek Archaic; Rhodian; 1st quarter 6th century BC
Area of Origin: Rhodes; East Greece
The Greek World, third floor
Sigmund Samuel Collection

Description: Plastic vase in the shape of a human left leg with sandalled foot.

Publications: 1. Robinson and Harcum, CGVT, no. 142; Ducat, Les vases plastiques rhodiens, 135, group A 2, no. 1
2. J.W.Hayes. 1992. Greek and Greek Style Painted and Plain Pottery in the ROM. Toronto. (Excluding black-figure and red-figure vases) no. 82, ill. on pages 78-79.
3. Froehner. Collection d'antiquites de Comte Michel Tyszkiewicz (Vente Drouot 8-10 juin 1898) no. 7. (sale price entered on British Museum copy: 100 fr.).

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