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Emerald scarab pinned specimen, Rhomborhina mellyi, collected 1996
Common Name: Emerald scarab beetle
Scientific Name: Rhomborhina mellyi
Class: Insecta
Order: Coleoptera
Family: Scarabaeidae
Dimensions: Millimetres: 25 (length), 10 (width)
Museum ID Number: 70834
Image Number: ROM2003_837_15

Description: Among the scarabs is a group of beetles known as flower beetles. Many of these beetles are brilliantly coloured such as the Emerald scarab. Like some species of birdwing butterflies, the Emerald scarab is one of a number of species of beetle that is being raised in captivity for commercial sale. This practice of “beetle farming” can help reduce the need for collecting specimens from wild populations and can provide a sustainable source of revenue for local indigenous communities that raise these beetles.

Location: 2 km along 1° forest trail at western edge of town; Vinh Phú; Vietnam

Collection Date: May 4, 1996

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