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My Images is available to registered users. Registration allows images to be saved to a personal account. Images can then be licensed and reproduced by the user for other purposes. Users interested in ordering and licensing images need a My Images account, but it can also serve students working on school projects, teachers to prepare lesson plans, and anyone to develop their own image gallery.

There are two types of accounts:

Personal Use: Register
Images are used for private enjoyment or study only. In addition to saving digital images to your personal folder, you can order online a print of an image using your credit card for payment—credit card details are not required for you to register. You can also enter into a licensing agreement for any additional use of the digital images available on the website.

Commercial Use: Register
Images can be used in a product produced by a commercial entity or by a non-profit entity for profit-making, commercial purposes or a product produced and distributed free of charge, at cost, or at a minimal charge generally by a non-profit organization.

1. You can organize your saved images in folders, which you can organize however you please, e.g. by project or by publication.
2. You can modify your account information anytime. Click on 'profile' under the My Images main navigation, located at the top of the page.
3. You can view past and current image orders by looking under ‘orders’.

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