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Historical and contemporary objects from different cultures of the African continent.
Ancient Egypt & Nubia
The ancient cultures of Egypt and Nubia (modern-day Sudan) in the Nile Valley area. Objects cover a time-span of over 4000 years, from the Pre-dynastic period to the Roman period (4000 BC–AD 324).
Ancient Near East
The early civilizations of the Old World―Mesopotamia, Levant, and Anatolia. Objects date from the Neolithic period (c. 8000 BC) until the coming of Islam in the 7th century AD.
Byzantine art made in Constantinople and the other regions of the Empire. Objects date from the 4th to the 15th century AD. The collection is supplemented by Post-Byzantine icons dating from the 16th to 18th century.
Canada - Historical & Decorative Arts
The history of European exploration and settlement of Canada from the 1500s to the beginnings of the 20th century, with a small but growing collection of 20th century material. A hybrid of historical documentation and decorative arts, including archaeological material.
Canadian First Peoples
Objects from the historic and contemporary cultures of the indigenous peoples of Canada.
Collection spans the entire history of Chinese art from prehistory to the 19th century AD. It is one of the largest and most comprehensive Chinese collections in the West.
Early Italic & Etruscan
The pre-Roman cultures of the Italian peninsula. Objects date from about 1200 to 500 BC.
History of Europe from the Middle Ages to the present-day. Objects include Anglo-Saxon, Frankish, and Viking artifacts from about AD 500-1200.
Collection is the largest in Canada, covers the entire range of Japanese art and conveys the richness of Japanese culture.
Collection spans 8,000 years, and communicates the history and culture of Korea through a variety of objects.
Human cultures before writing. Objects are from archaeological sites in Africa, Europe, West Asia, Egypt, and East Asia.
South Asia
Objects span the 5000-year history from the Indus Valley civilization to the present day. Covers the modern nations of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, The Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Tibet. Includes traditional and contemporary artistic styles.
Textiles & Costume
The largest and most comprehensive textile and costume collection in Canada. Objects from cultures around the world, ranging from archaeological finds to contemporary designs.
The Americas
Objects from the historic and contemporary cultures of North, Central and South America, excluding material from Canadian First Peoples.
The Greek World
Objects date from the Bronze Age period (c. 2300 BC) to the Hellenistic period (31 BC). Area includes the island of Cyprus.
The Islamic World
Objects from the founding of Islam in the 7th century AD onward. Area includes a vast territory from the Straits of Gibraltar to the River Indus.
The Pacific
Objects from the indigenous peoples of Australia, New Zealand, and the islands of the Pacific.
The Roman World
Objects date from the Roman Republic (c. 509 BC) to the Roman Empire (c. AD 500), and includes material from Britain, Syria and Palestine, Roman and Coptic Egypt.

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